"Selin’s image to represent her – the owl – is wisely chosen. She has a remarkably capable head (and heart) for one so young. Alert, aware, appreciative and a focused hunter of what is at the centre of her quest as a coach. I am immensely grateful to Selin for two profoundly important discoveries as a result of her coaching. The first was finding a way to change my default emotional response – the frustration to anger spectrum – was always on the surface with me – affecting so much of what I did and damaging so many crucial relationships. Thanks to that powerful conversation with Selin, my stance is, “Nothing is worthy of my anger” and I have tools of what to do and how to be, to support this HUGE adjustment. It is a transformation, and one I did not know would ever be found by me.

The other discovery was how coaching can be such fun!! Daring to experience the hilarity of how I sound sometimes and the excitement of what might be waiting around the corner – great “What If” moments. Selin has great range in her coaching ability – again the owl image is so apt.        She glides in conversation.


Thank you"


L.W. 62, Facilitator

When I first met Selin, I was suffering a lot due to my demanding and anger management issues, which cost me a couple of crucial relationships. Selin is certainly a great listener, but she helped me the most by making me question myself and admitting my issues in the first place. She has been my coach when it came to identifying my problems and taking responsibility. She even coached me on how to rebuild my relationships, which I believed were long broken. Despite her young age, she is very enthusiastic and takes her job very seriously. Comparing how I acted up on certain situations before and after I met her, I believe she eased my daily life tremendously.

B.K. 29, Software Engineer

"I wasn't quite sure of what to expect from the coaching sessions at first, for it was my first time with life-coaching; but I am so thankful in the end for such an experience. Selin was great, it was as if she helped me understand my own self, without being intrusive. She creates a professional yet very genuine environment and I am glad I chose her as my life coach."

O.O 24, Student


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